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Want Healthy, Strong Teeth?

Milk and Vitamin D
We have all heard milk is good for your bones, but how many times have you heard milk is good for your teeth?


Milk is a well known source of calcium.

Calcium helps fortify your teeth against decay by strengthening them.  It also helps keep your jaw bone strong so your teeth don’t loosen or fall out due to osteoporosis.


What about Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is beneficial to our oral health because it helps increase the absorption of calcium we get from the foods we consume.  Have you ever seen milk fortified with vitamin D? It’s like an extra boost for bones and teeth.


Don’t like Milk?

If you are not a milk drinker there are other ways to get your daily does of calcium and vitamin D.  Leafy greens, nuts and seeds are great sources of calcium.  Other forms of vitamin D are eggs and fish.  You can also get vitamin D just by going outside on a sunny day.  A little sunshine is a great way to get vitamin D in our systems.  Just remember to be careful about how much sun exposure you are getting.  We only need a little.


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