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Wondering If You Need A Night Guard?

jaw pain

Do you often wake up with a headache or jaw pain?

If so, you may unknowingly be grinding or clenching your teeth.

Most people who grind and clench, do so while they are sleeping and have no control over it. Grinding and clenching, known as Bruxism, can loosen or wear down teeth and could lead to a possible crown, root canal or implant.

What Causes Bruxism?
There are many factors that could lead to Bruxism. According to the American Dental Association “Stressful situations, problems sleeping, an abnormal bite and crooked or missing teeth” can contribute to this problem.

Good News
Nightguards can help relieve some of the pressure and pain. When you see Dr Sheng for your routine dental checkups, he can detect if a nightguard is needed. To schedule your next dental visit please click here.

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