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As always with this dental practice, I was cared for in a courteous, timely and professional manner. if only all health-care could deliver service in this way. Thank you Dr. Sheng and team!

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Have you ever wondered why we have wisdom teeth, if we need them or how they got their name?

Wisdom Teeth

Why do we have Wisdom Teeth? At one time wisdom teeth were very beneficial.  Our ancestors needed extra teeth due to their diet.  They consumed uncooked coarse, grainy foods like raw meat, roots, nuts berries and leaves.  Chewing these tough and rugged foods required a broader jaw and strong molars.   Do we need Wisdom Teeth? Many dentist say no. Overcrowding, pain, decay, infection or their position damaging adjacent teeth are some of the reasons dentist recommend removing wisdom teeth.  You may not need to have them removed if they are not causing problems, however, according to the American Dental Association “The condition of your mouth chang...

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