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As always with this dental practice, I was cared for in a courteous, timely and professional manner. if only all health-care could deliver service in this way. Thank you Dr. Sheng and team!

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What Do Your Numbers Mean?


Do you ever wonder what the numbers you hear your hygienist read off mean?

  They are checking your gum health by measuring the depth of your gum pockets.  Gum pocket depth refers to how well your gums attach to your teeth.  Each tooth has 6 areas to be measured.   How Deep Are Your Pockets? – 1-3 millimeters are normal and healthy –  4 millimeters means watch out, you are heading down a slippery slope towards Periodontal disease and gingivitis is active. BUT don’t worry, it is reversible with better home care. Remember to Floss, Floss, Floss. – 5+ millimeters could indicate bone loss, Periodontal disease and possible tooth loss. The higher the numbers, the higher the chance of losing a ...

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